By Michael J Morris, DDS
February 03, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Have a damaged tooth? A dental crown will make your tooth strong and beautiful again. Dr. Michael Morris uses high-quality dental dental crownscrowns at his practice in Spring, TX, as a solution for restoring teeth that have been damaged or weakened. Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about dental crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed over teeth -- to cover the teeth, or restore their size, strength and shape, and improve their appearance and alignment. When cemented into place, the dental crowns fully cover the visible portion the teeth that lie above the gum line.

Uses For Dental Crowns

When a tooth has a fracture or cavity that involves half the width of the tooth or more, it needs to be covered with a dental crown. This is because the remaining tooth is so weak that it is prone to fracture. Teeth that have had a root canal need to be restored with dental crowns to prevent them from fracturing. Dental crowns are also used to cover dental implants and hold dental bridges in place.

The Benefits of Crowns

Teeth that have been weakened can be saved by covering them with a dental crown. Dental crowns will make your weakened and damaged teeth stronger and improve their appearance. Dental crowns can help you chew better. They can also improve your clarity of speech. Dental crowns are strong and durable and they will restore full function of your damaged teeth.

The Cost of a Dental Crown

The cost of getting a dental crown can vary on the materials used, local rates and the location and condition of the tooth. Insurance will typically cover part of the expense, but the amount varies with each insurer and plan. An individual should expect to pay between $600 and $2,000 for a dental crown.

Ready to flash a perfect smile? If you have teeth that are damaged due to trauma, periodontal disease, or decay, call Dr. Morris to schedule an appointment. With dental crowns, our world-class Spring, TX, dentist can take your smile from being so-so to simply stunning.


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