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Avoid Extractions By Visiting Your Dentist At The First Sign of Trouble

Extractions Many people fear the dentist and delay visits at all costs. Some would prefer to avoid a dentist’s chair unless they develop a major toothache. But avoiding the dentist can come at a high price. If you feel that something isn't right with your oral health, it pays to see your Spring, TX dentist Michael J. Morris, DDS, sooner rather than later.

Signs of Trouble

Pain or sensitivity in your teeth can be a red flag that something isn’t right with your oral health. Sometimes pain can indicate tooth decay or enamel damage. Other times it may represent gum infections or soft tissue damage. In all cases, any discomfort in your mouth should be addressed by your Spring dentist Dr. Morris immediately.

Tooth Decay

When the hard surface of your teeth develops small holes, bacteria can make its way into the sensitive pulp of your tooth. Infection in the tooth’s root will cause pain and could lead to permanent tooth loss if not addressed quickly. But if you visit your Spring, TX dentist at the first sign of discomfort, they may be able to save the tooth with a simple filling or a root canal, depending on the condition of the tooth.

Gum Disease

When your gum become inflamed from bacteria and plaque buildup, periodontitis can develop. This is a gum disease that causes pockets to form between your gums and teeth which trap food debris and bacteria. As more bacteria develops, the gum tissue becomes further damaged. If this disease is left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. If you feel any pain around your gums or experience bleeding when you brush your teeth, a visit to your Spring dentist can help avoid an extraction.

If you notice your teeth are loose, your mouth bleeds, or your bite has become uncomfortable for any reason, it’s your mouth trying to tell you something isn’t right. But a simple visit to your dentist can help preserve and protect your smile to keep your teeth healthy and strong for years to come. If you notice something’s wrong with your oral health, contact the friendly staff of Dr. Michael J. Morris dentistry in Spring, TX for a consultation at (281) 379-6939.

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