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How Veneers Can Help Your Smile

Veneers have been used for many years to make celebrities and movie stars look their very best. Stars couldn’t show up on the big screen veneerswith yellowing, gapped, or chipped smiles. In more recent years, veneers have become more popular with everyday people who want a smile improvement. Explore how this cosmetic treatment, which is available at the office of Dr. Michael Morris in Spring, TX, can help your smile.

About Veneers
Veneers can make your whole face look different. They brighten up your teeth. They are small, light, dental devices made of porcelain that sit on the top surfaces of your natural teeth to make them look better. A custom, individual veneer is created for each tooth in the treatment plan developed by your Spring, TX dentist. Veneers will continue to look attractive for decades as long as you prioritize oral hygiene.

How They Can Help Your Smile
Veneers obviously help your smile by improving the overall appearance of your teeth. But they offer a few other key benefits. For one, when your teeth look good, you are more apt to do whatever is necessary to keep them looking that way. Veneers also act as a protective barrier over the natural teeth. The porcelain material is very durable and resistant to damage or staining.

How Easy Is it to Get Veneers?
Many patients are able to get their veneers placed in two or three appointments. The first time you visit the dentist for veneers you’ll be evaluated to ensure that your teeth are strong and healthy enough to hold them. At the first or second appointment for veneers, the teeth will be prepared to accept the veneers and Impressions will be made. The last appointment is the “moment of truth” when your veneers are bonded in place and your new smile will be revealed.

Call for a Veneer Treatment
Many people who get veneers are extremely satisfied with the results and are happy to know that their teeth will look good for years. Contact Dr. Mark Morris at his cosmetic dentistry office in Spring, TX to see for yourself. Call (281) 379-6939 today for an appointment.

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