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Keeping Your Veneers Beautiful Means Diligent Self-Maintenance

Are your teeth in need of a change? Whether crooked, discolored, bent, or chipped, malfunctioning teeth can be as unsightly as they are inconvenient. Fortunately for dental disruptions such as these going on in the Spring, TX, area, there's a reliable and safe way to find relief known as veneers!

With trusted help from dental professionals like Michael J. Morris, DDS, you can get veneers placed into your mouth at a minimal cost toVeneers you - especially once you realize how much self-confidence they'll bring you and your new smile for the foreseeable future! Dr. Morris will cement thin strips of tooth-like material onto the front of your teeth to mask any unwanted discolorations or structure oddities they may have. With little (if any) anesthesia needed during a typical procedure, getting veneers to shape up your mouth provides your teeth with a longer life expectancy and greater color stability than other treatment options.

After you have your veneers put in, you can expect a short adjustment period as you get used to the improved appearance of your teeth. Don't fall in love with them too much if you're not going to maintain them, though - if you don't brush and floss your teeth daily, your veneers will wear down sooner rather than later.

While veneers have been found to be extremely resistant to coffee, tea, and even slight smoking stains, the prolonged use of tobacco can taint their beautiful appearance. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you stop tobacco use if you want to avoid another case of unsightly tooth discoloration of the kind that got you thinking of getting veneers in the first place!

If you're ready to have your teeth look as white as your eyes, give the trusted hands of Dr. Morris a try today by calling (281) 379-6939 for veneers that give you a better smile than your peers!

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