That Popsicle Could Be Worse For Your Teeth Than You Think

Find out the repercussions that eating certain summery snacks could have on your smile.

It’s summer time. Time to enjoy beach vacations, backyard cookouts and delicious treats. While some summer foods are safe for your smile there are some that can wreak havoc on healthy teeth. If you don’t want to be visiting your Spring, TX dentist Dr. Michael Morris Sensitive Teeththis summer to have a cavity filled, then you may want to stay away from some of those sugary popsicles!

Why are popsicles bad for my teeth?

This is probably the question on everybody’s mind. After all, these popsicles can be so refreshing after a hot day spent outdoors. So, how bad are popsicles for your teeth and why should you avoid them?

Popsicles, just like some other delicious snacks we consume during the summer, are chock full of sugar. The bacteria on our teeth love sugar as much as we do. Every time we take a lick of that popsicle, the bacteria begins to break down the sugar into acid. This acid is what damages our healthy tooth enamel, destroying and demineralizing it. Over time, this can cause decay to form. Plus, you spend more time exposing your teeth to the sugar when you have a popsicle because you tend to savor it longer than bite-sized snacks. The longer you expose your teeth to sugar, the more damage it causes your smile.

Aside from the detrimental effect sugar has on your teeth, the artificial dyes in these brightly colored popsicles can also stain your teeth and make them look dull and yellow. And if the popsicle is frozen solid and you try to bite off a portion, this can damage your teeth, much as it damages them when you crunch ice.

Healthier alternatives for healthier smiles

So, what can you do if you want to enjoy these refreshing treats but don’t want to deal with an exorbitant dental bill? The best option is to avoid these snacks altogether; however, we know how difficult this can be. Therefore, a kinder route is to buy sugar-free popsicles instead. You can still enjoy cooling down with these popsicles, but you won’t have to worry that your Spring, TX dentist will find decay during your next visit.

While a diet that’s low in sugar can certainly go a long way to keeping your teeth and gums healthy, it’s still important to see your Spring, TX dentist twice a year for your biannual cleanings and exams. If it’s time for your visit, call our office today. Summer can go by in the blink of an eye, so don’t forget to schedule your upcoming appointment with us!

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