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Summer Foods that Are Good For Your Teeth

Find out which foods might just give you a cavity-free visit to your Spring, TX dentist.

When we think of summer we often think about treats like ice cream and popsicles, which aren’t so kind to our smiles. However, not all Foodssummer treats cause issues for your smile. Find out which foods to incorporate into your smile-friendly diet if you want your Spring, TX dentist Dr. Michael K. Morris to confirm a healthy smile at your next visit.


Once summer rolls around people can’t help put pull out the cheese plates for cookouts and outdoor soirees. Luckily, this is great news for your smile. Cheese contains a healthy dose of calcium, which helps to fortify both teeth and bones. Furthermore, the casein in cheese is the same protein found in milk and helps to strengthen tooth enamel. Just remember to enjoy in moderation, as cheese also contains a high amount of fat.


It’s not really summer unless you get to enjoy fresh fruits. If you are looking for a fruit that will boost your oral health then it’s time to stock up on some fresh pears. Just like raw veggies like celery and carrots, pears are fibrous and help stimulate the production of saliva. Furthermore, they also have the added benefit of being able to neutralize acids on the surface of your teeth better than other types of fruits. So whether you grill some pears into your entrees or enjoy pears and fresh yogurt for breakfast, your smile will thank you.

Raw Onions

This might sound a bit surprising, especially since eating raw onions can be rough on your breath. But rest assured, the benefits far outweigh the cons! Onions are great at effectively getting rid of the bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum disease. So load up those onions for your next cookout and reap the smile benefits.

Is it time for your six-month dental cleaning and exam? It’s never too early to schedule your upcoming appointment with your Spring, TX dentist, Dr. Michael Morris. Call our office today to get a dazzling, deep-cleaned smile to last you the summer.

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