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Most people want a perfect smile, and yet many are dealing with misaligned, discolored, or oddly shaped teeth. Does this sound like you? If so, our Dr. Michael Morris and his Spring, TX, cosmetic team can help turn your smile around with dental veneers. These ultra-thin porcelain shells are adhered permanently to the front of one or more teeth to hide these imperfections and to transform your smile.

About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are tiny porcelain shells that are bonded to the front of your tooth to hide common dental problems like stains, chips, gaps, crookedness, or misshapen teeth. Veneers offer a translucency that mimics that of real teeth so that your new smile looks completely natural. Dental veneers also come in a variety of different shades to offer a more realistic smile.

The Process of Getting Dental Veneers

Getting dental veneers is easy. The first part of the process requires shaving down a very small amount of your tooth’s enamel before applying the veneers. Removing some enamel will ensure that there is room for the veneers and that your smile doesn’t look bulky. Once this is complete, we will temporarily apply the veneers to your teeth to make sure you are happy with your new smile. Once we get your final approval we will place a special cement between your natural tooth and the veneers, then use a laser beam to harden the cement and veneers permanently to your teeth.

The Ideal Candidate for Veneers

Dental veneers are great for those looking to improve and hide minor to moderate dental imperfections; however, avid nail biters and those who often use their teeth as tools (e.g. removing bottle caps with teeth) should get these bad habits under control before getting veneers. We will also need to make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong enough to support veneers (this can be determined during a quick consultation with Dr. Morris).

Caring for Your Dental Veneers

Since veneers are incredibly strong you can easily treat them just like regular teeth. That means you can continue to brush and floss like you would your natural teeth. However, be sure that you are still brushing as effectively as before your treatment, as decay can still form under and around your veneers.

Are you ready to say “yes” to dental veneers? If so, the next step is to schedule a consultation with our Spring, TX, dentist Dr. Morris and his team. Call our dental practice today at (281) 379-6939 to learn more.

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